Youth Performance & Strength Training Specialist

This program is suitable for physical educator, coach at school and trainer a local gym. During this course you will cover anatomy and physiology, how to maintain health, safety and welfare in a variety of fitness environments. Prepare you with skills and knowledge on how to develop fitness programs for youth.


Course outline:

1. Human growth development children anatomy and exercise physiology 
2. Children with special needs and attention
3. Nutrition for childhood and adolescence
4. Muscular strength and power training for youth
5. Cardiovascular training for youth
6.  Functional training for youth
7. Circuit training
8. Motor skills and motor development
9. Sports-related injuries for youth
10. Psychosocial well-being of youth
11. Goal setting and creating exercise habits during childhood and adolescence



2. 有特殊需要的兒童
4  兒童和青春期的營養
5. 青少年的肌力訓練
6. 青少年的心肺功能訓練
7. 青少年的功能性訓練
8. 循環訓練
9. 運動技能與發展
12. 如何為兒童和青少年制定目標並建立運動習慣

Duration: 18 Hours 

Assessment: Practical 
7 CEUs

課時: 18小時
評估方式:  實習 
學分: 7 CEUs

Certificate by ASCA and University of Sunderland with the approval from National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)


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