REHAB TRAINER 1-Day Course – REHAB EXPRESS (一天課程) Oct 2023

Rehab Express at HKSPF3

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10 月 15, 2023

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9:00 上午

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REHAB TRAINER 1-Day Course – REHAB EXPRESS (一天課程) Oct 2023


Kick off your INJURY Management Skill! 開發你的傷患管理技能!🔑🔓

On 15 Oct 2023, HKSPF3, ✨the officially approved Rehab Trainers provider✨, proudly presents the REHAB EXPRESS (1-day Course) to teach you injury management skills at HK$2280!
We help you upgrade your professional level, “Spot the problem, solve it with a simple but precise system!”

2023年10月15日,HKSPF3作為✨官方認可的復康專家課程舉辦機構✨,隆重推出REHAB EXPRESS(1天課程),以 $2280為你教授傷患管理技能!

Course Outline 課程大綱:

  • Theory of Injury, Holding Pattern, Muscle Imbalance, and Asymmetry Assessment 傷患理論、holding pattern、肌肉不平衡及不對稱的評估
  • Risk Assessment 風險評估
  • 5 Main Muscle Imbalances with Evaluation, Loosening Procedure, and Activation Drills 5種主要肌肉不平衡的評估、拉伸鬆弛程序和激活運動:
    • SHOULDER/ NECK/ ARM 肩/頸/手臂
    • KNEE/ HIP/ LOW BACK 膝/髖/腰
  • Blending Rehab Intro 融合復康簡介:
    • Functional Movement Program 功能性運動方案
    • Client Sessions 客戶方案
    • Client Homework 客戶家中訓練

In this course, you will have 在本課程中,你將有:

  • Bilingual Notes 雙語筆記
  • Posture Pro, REHAB Wand, Manual and Colour Certificate 姿勢專家套裝 (Posture Pro Set)、復康魔杖、認證證書
  • Basic of the REHAB protocol in a single day 在一天內完成復康規程的基本內容
  • Skills for assessing and correcting the 5 Main Muscle Imbalance 評估和糾正5種主要肌肉不平衡的技能
  • NCSF 5 CEUs, NASM 0.7 CEUs, ACE 0.7 CEUs

Come to join us at an Early bird Price $2280 before 1 Oct 2023 (first come first serve by payment).

Details 詳情:
◆Date 日期: 15/10/2023 (Sunday 星期日)
◆Time時間: 9 am – 5 pm
◆Venue 地點: 太古Waterfall  (鰂魚涌康山道2號康蘭居2樓)
◆Fee 學費: HK$2280 (Early Bird before 1 Oct, 早鳥優惠至10月1日,先到先得,以付款為準;$2500(原價)

◆ Target 對象: Personal Trainer, coach, athletes, and anyone who are interested in injury management私人教練、教練、運動員,任何對傷患管理感興趣的人
◆Language 語言: English and Cantonese 英語和粵語
◆Whatsapp/ Enquiry 查詢: 852-969-2345-4

We are looking forward to seeing you in the REHAB EXPRESS! 我們期待著在 ” REHAB EXPRESS “中見到你!

◆繳費後,請將付款資料透過WhatsApp傳至 +852 96923454, 確認報讀課程

早鳥學費: HKD$2280 (原價: $2500)
◆繳費後,請將付款資料透過WhatsApp傳至 +852 96923454, 確認報讀課程

💳 繳費方式
以 PAYME 形式付款
☞ 轉賬至

以 FPS 形式付款
☞ 轉賬至 852-96923454

☞戶口: Hong Kong Sports Performance and Strength & Conditioning Association Ltd
☞ 轉賬至 454-424482-838


✆ ℡ / Whatsapp: +852 96923454

All rights are reserved by HKSPSCA and all the fee is non-refundable.

立即報讀 Enroll Now:

Ticket Type: 數量 Qty 課程價格 Course Fee
Adult Early Bird $2,280.00

Event Location:

Total Seats: 20
  • 太古Waterfall
  • 鰂魚涌康山道2號康蘭居2樓
  • 香港

Event Schedule Details

  • 10 月 15, 2023 9:00 上午   -   10 月 14, 2023 5:00 下午
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